How to set your Wallpaper on Windows 10

Today, it is essential for any tech gadget to have modifiable backgrounds, you’ve come to the right place to find out how to do so; we all love to change our pictures! In Windows often referred to as your desktop wallpaper. Similar to Windows 8, Windows 10 requires seven simple steps to follow in order to achieve this:

How to set your Windows 10 Desktop or Laptop Wallpaper

How to set your Windows 10 Desktop or Laptop Wallpaper

1. Access your Windows 10 account and get to the desktop.

2. Right-click anywhere you want and choose “Personalize”.

3. A big window will be opened and you will notice at the left bottom a “Desktop Background” option, click it.

4. Right on top, next to “Picture Location” there is a “Browse” option, select it.

5. Look for the folder containing your file, if you’ve gotten an image from the internet it is likely in “Downloads” in the “This PC” file.

6. Select the chosen picture from the folder and click on “Save Changes”. However, if you are feeling more adventurous, you can always select more than one picture and have them change every once in a while. If you choose this option, follow the same procedure but remember to check out the “Change Picture Every…” option to select for how long you want each picture to show. Also, if you do not wish an specific display order, you can click on “Shuffle”.

7. Close all Windows and check out your new Windows 10 background! If you’d like some Windows 10 themed background check them out here!