How to change your Wallpaper on Windows 8

Windows 8 is an operating system that is literally a world of apps, so it is not hard to believe that amidst all of these features you may be unsure as to how to change the background on your desktop. It is quite easy to learn how. We will start by assuming that you have downloaded an image and that it is sitting in your download folder ready to be used for your background. The goal is to insert this image as your background on your desktop.

How to change your Wallpaper on Windows 8

How to change your Wallpaper on Windows 8

The Steps:

The first step is to open up the search box; this can be accomplished by swiping in from the right edge of your screen, or if you have a mouse, you want to point the mouse pointer to the lower-right corner of your screen then move the pointer up. This will allow you to then click the search button on the right side of your screen.

The next step is to insert your cursor into the search box and type: “background”; then click the popup button that says, “change desktop background”. Now a popup dialog box should appear that says “Desktop Background” if you completed this step correctly.

The third step is to browse for your particular image which is sitting in your download folder. There is a button in the center of the open dialog box that says “browse” click this button and search for your folder that says “downloads”, the one which contains your image of choice. Click that folder and then press the OK button. Your image should appear in the box in front of you if you performed this step correctly.

The fourth and final step is to select your image from the dialog box; and make sure no other images are selected as well. Then finally press the “save changes” button on the bottom of your screen; and your mission is accomplished.

Now if you performed all of the above steps in order and correctly, your image of choice should be displayed as the background on your windows 8 operating system, and see that was not hard at all.